Friday, May 15, 2009

Not Again.

Your hands moving along my body. My shoulders, my waist, my hips. Tingling spreading limb to limb. Blushing, hoping you don't see. Bodies moving, swaying, pulsing, rhythmic beat. Your breath on my neck, behind my ear. I feel you everywhere. Hands clutching, searching, exploring. Nothing is the same, yet it is all the same. Lips meeting for the first time. Feels so familiar, yet so foreign. Bodies pressing together in passion, then being torn apart by realization. This isn't right. This isn't right. This isn't right. Every beat of our hearts says that. Yet the gravity between us moves us involuntarily. Together. Apart. Together. Apart. Constant magnets being turned. Trying to find the opposite ends but too much alike. Lips locking, hands clutching, clothes falling to the floor. Bodies tumbling. Further. Further into bliss. Deal with the aftermath in the morning. Tonight. I just want you.

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