Friday, August 21, 2009


Debris litter the floor
The remains of what was my heart
Black and charred
I look upon the carnage with surpisingly little emotion
Stabbed, torn, broken, beaten, burnt, used
Tear-stained face, blood red eyes
Pain in some many different forms
When will it end?
Only I have the power to stop this torture
But that "power" is an illusion
The addictions I serve won't let me leave
Stuck here, suffering, needing to know for sure
Riding this roller coaster, up and down, then back up again
I have to see where it ends,
I have to see what's around the next bend
Perpetually stuck
The good moments are heaven on earth
The bad ones are damn near hell
Which ones will there be more of?
Have to finish the ride to find out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Rolling off in every direction
Awkward silence
Cheeks ablaze
Temper soaring
Head butting
Voice raising
Struggle for dominance
Who will win?


Lines drawn in the sand
Very clearly marked
Black and white
With shades of grey
Living in a box with blurred edges
Comfortable, safe, secure
Her voice whispering
Quiet words of encouragement
The grey is not to be feared
Rules, definitions
Who needs them?
We just are
Two people
Whose paths have crossed
Running parallel for now
A meandering stroll
Taking our time
Rushing no where
Simply enjoying each other
And living for the moment


Biting, scratching
Altruism fading fast
Rose's presence drains
Lily needs her time too
Inflicting pain brings pleasure
But receiving pain
Brings so much more
Nails dug into my back
Teeth digging into my arms and neck
Bruises, scratches, blood
The sadist slips below the surface
Allowing the masochist to rise
And bask in her full glory
Starving no more


A fury boils
Just beneath the surface
Taunting, testing
Pushing buttons, boundaries
The pressure builds
The anger grows
The final straw
Pushes her into
An eruption fierce enough
To shame a volcano
Her words burn like
Molten stone
Her tears sting like ash
Months of anger
Built upon years of anger
All flowing forth
With the fury of the lahar
As her fury subsides
We gaze upon the path of destruction
The sun will shine with blood
Come morning

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The need to rip, to tear
To shred
A desire so primal
So urgent
My nails digging into her skin
Her moans urging me on
Scratching won't fulfill
My dark desires
My teeth yearn for soft skin
It starts with a kiss
Just under her chin
My hands on her back
Pulling her closer
I bite hesitantly at first
Then, encouraged by her moans
I sink my teeth deeper
The sadist in my rears her head
Reveling in the pain she's inflicting
But pain isn't enought
To fill her need
Tonight, she's after blood.

Rain Driven Passion

Bite marks, scratches
Lips, tongues, teeth
The thunder rolls overhead
While the rain
Drips down through
The canopy of
The lush, emerald
Evergreen forest that surrounds us
Passions soaring
Control slipping
Sado-masochism at its peak
Moaning, groaning
The rain will lull us to sleep

My Mistress

The Mistress is calling
Urging me forward
Her sweet voice
Breaking through my panic
Pain is the distraction
That pushes me through
Nausea, not enough
To stop me
Keep going, you're fine
The muses whispering
Telling me the reward
Will be sweet
My Mistress' face
A beacon of hope
Don't panic, don't freeze
Just keep going
The top of the world
Is calling

Fire and wind (for Stacy)

The roaring wind
Whips the fire into a frenzy
The air is thick with smoke
Billowing around her head
Her heart beats faster, faster
Her need to destroy increases
She's looking for something
Wandering the forest
Leaving charred and burnt trees in her wake
The wind urges her on
Quietly whispering encouragement in her ear
Keep going, one foot in front of the other
I'll push you when you dwindle
Take my hand
Let me guide you to your goal
Let us wreak havoc

The Water's Surface

The shining surface draws you in
It's beauty calling to the depths of your soul
You walk towards her
Curious, is there more than meets the eye?
The rocks beneath your feet
Are wet and slick
But smooth from years of wear
Wade in up to your knees
The coolnes sending goosebumps
Rippling throught your body
Wade in further
Feet no longer touching bottom
Struggling to keep your head up
Caught in the undercurrent
Dragged beneath the shiny surface
To the darkest depths
Body wheeling out of control
Why continue fighting
When submission is so sweet


A winding path
A crooked road
Choices, chances, coincidences
The things that have brought us here
How things have changed in a year
Death always brings forth new life
From the ashes of my former self
I rise renewed
Stronger, smarter, more open to life
Her gentle hands guiding me
To each new discovery
Our paths running parallel
Taking one step at a time
Each day a new adventure
One foot in front of the other
Will bring us to
Wherever it is we're going

Dancing Water

A wild fire burning brightly
Devouring all in its path
The fire sprite dancing
Playfully leaving a path of destruction
She is met with a sparkling pool
The water sprite rises
And begins to dance
He body's movements mesmerize
The fire sprite is over taken
Her mind entranced
As the water slowly enfolds her
Who would have thought
Such beauty could lead to
Ultimate demise


The beauty of the stars
Shining brightly
Without the impediment
Of city lights and sounds
Pales next to the beauty
Of the one I hold in my arms
Her head resting comfortably on my chest
My arms wrapped tightly around her
Protecting, securing, holding
Face alight with
Child-like wonder
Eyes shining with enthusiasm for life
We hold each other
Til seet sleep comes
To carry us
To the world of dreams