Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Beast Unleashed

Silence pressing around us
Not awkward, just peaceful
It all seemed like a good ide at the time.
The poison seeping through my veins
Makes it seem safe for the beast to be
Released. No thought of how to recapture
Her once she is loose.Just the thought of allowing her
To roam free, to wreak devastation
To leave her wake among the living
Blood, teeth, nails, tongues.
The cage open
The pent up animal running wild
So many years of oppression
To be set loose upon a friend
Carnal passions soaring
Animal instinct taking control
Take what isn't yours
Submit to the Mistress
Desire is all that matters,
Why not submit?
Why keep fighting
Last remnants of self control
Slipping quickly away.
Bodies moving as one,
The beast wreaking her havoc on the land
Chasing after her half heartedly
After all, who wants to stop the beast
She's too beautiful to keep locked away.
Her body entices all
The absolute carnal calling from the shadows of a society that doesn't embrace pleasure
Let alone pleasure derived from pain.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
I call desperately, knowing the effects of this will be felt for long
But the beast is in her element now.
There is no stopping her.
How to lock her away again,
How to repress the feelings that have been stirring under the surface for too long.
It's easy to say the poison made me do it
But what happens when the poison is out of my system

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